PM&R Scholars Medical Spanish Network

Learn and practice medical Spanish relevant to the field of PM&R.

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Why Join?

The PM&R Scholars Medical Spanish Network was created to help busy physicians and medical students learn Spanish in the most efficient and effective way possible. Every week, our members share inspiring stories of more successfully communicating and connecting with Spanish-speaking patients, and we would like to personally invite you to join our community. Your investment into this endeavor will not only expand your ability to care for Spanish-speaking patients, but can also serve to help reduce healthcare disparities in this population related to language barriers.

How Does it Work?

At no cost to you, our community provides a number of opportunities for you to grow in your Spanish-speaking skills, including:

  • Interactive large group activities, game nights and case series.
  • Live small group sessions led by fluent Spanish-speakers. 
  • Resources including lectures and educational posts on Twitter/X, Instagram, and YouTube (@PMRScholarsMSN)

How do I Join?

Join our community by following us on social media including Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube (@PMRScholarsMSN) and our e-mail listserv. We post all upcoming events and resources in these places.

The Secret to Success

What does it take to truly grow in your clinical Spanish-speaking skills? The answer is simple - conversational practice and community. These are two critical components of language learning that many platforms and apps fail to employ. But what about the time commitment? Despite common concerns surrounding time, we have organized our curriculum with your schedule in mind. The PM&R Scholars Medical Spanish Network combines the power of physiatry-focused learning scenarios, quality instruction, active learning and regular practice to help you succeed. Join us today!

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