Who we are

We are a scholastic group of like-minded scholars focused on collaboration, mentorship, research, and networking opportunities in Physiatry. Our ultimate goal is to provide a networking platform to facilitate professional, and academic development opportunities for students, residents, and early-career physiatrists.


Medical students interested in PM&R, residents, fellows, and early-career physiatrists.


To become a unique-minded scholastic group led by students and residents with the support and mentorship of early-career physiatrists and PM&R faculty with the ultimate goal of accomplishing our mission.


To use virtual platforms to connect with students, residents, fellows, and faculty in PM&R to provide networking, mentorship, educational programs, and remote research opportunities in a low-pressure, cost-free environment.

Current Leadership

George Raum, D.O.

Vinicius 'Vinny' Francio, M.D.

Anthony Batri, M.D.

Anand Pooleri, M.D.

Zachary Gulergun, M.D.

Renato Martin Jr., D.O.

Joshua Chan, D.O.

Colton Higuera, D.O.

Toufiq Swaid, M.D

Andy Yeh, D.O



Marla Petriello

Tahsin Choudhury
Hye-Jin Yun

Ally Ferber

John David A. Manuel

Virtual Residency Fair

Zachary Gulergun

Renato Martin Jr.

Joshua Chan

Colton Higuera

Andy Yeh

Toufiq Swaid

George Raum

Anand Pooleri
Belle McDermott

Rosalie Ellis

Tiffany Wood

Andy Rivera

Medical Spanish Network

Lucila Beuses

Caitlin Aguirre

Ely Paredes Cuberos

George Rivera-Colon

Matthew Joseph

Vanessa Molina

Jesus Alvarado Salinas

Jose Gutierrez-Naranjo

Frank Trujillo

Dianna Levin

Sameerah Shaik

Sanjana Ayyagari

Social Media

Selena Lugosi

Our History

PMR Scholars is the result of an organic growth of students and residents interested in PM&R. The group was originally formed in November 2017 by Vinny Francio, Jim Eubanks, Justin Schappell, Sarah Smith, Kirstin Weider, Chris Ha, and Brandon Barndt, a group of medical students who serendipitously met at a national PM&R conference. After discussing their goals within the field the group decided to continue collaboration on a variety of projects within the field of physiatry utilizing social media and virtual platforms. Upon two years of continuous growth and continued collaboration on projects presented at the AAP, AAPMR, and ACRM conferences, the group continued to expand with more active collaborators. Our social media platform, @pmrscholars has more than 1,000 followers. The group has organically grown expanding our network with physiatrists across the country, continuing the legacy started in 2017.