PMR Scholars focuses on providing students, residents and early-career physiatrists an opportunity for professional growth, leadership and teaching experience. Our educational program is structurally organized in a comfortable low pressure environment in which students and residents can ask questions and interact with each other. Students, residents and early-career physiatrists are encouraged to take an active role in teaching as guest, invited speakers.

Contact us if you are interested in being a speaker. See our upcoming, and past sessions below. 

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Past Sessions

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  • 11/19/20 - 8 PM ET - Prehabilitation in Spine Surgery, Dr. Jim Eubanks 
  • 12/3/20 - 8 PM ET - eSports Medicine, Dr. Lindsey Migliore (Gamer Doc)
  • 12/15/20 - 8 PM ET - Lower Extremity Injuries in Basketball, Dr. Aditya Raghunandan